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    BMI08X IMU Arduino Library

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    BMI08X IMU Arduino Library

    Please help me in setting up BMI08X for Arduino.My Questions are.

    1. Do we have an Arduino library available for BMI08X IMU?
    2. Is there anybody who have already used BMI08X on Arduino? If yes then it would be really helpful if somebody guide me on this. I am following available datasheet for BMI08X but there is not so much for arduino.

    Thank you in Advance.


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    Re: BMI08X IMU Arduino Library

    We do not have Arduino library  for BMI08X IMU. But you can use our API on github:

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    Re: BMI08X IMU Arduino Library

    Hi Habib,


    In addition, the sensor API is a C library that can be used on most platforms to communicate with the sensor. To adopt to the Arduino environment, you will have to implement the callbacks for sensor read/write and delay. This Gist should give a fair idea on how to implement these callbacks for Arduino. If you need further assistance, please feel free to post here. 

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    Re: BMI08X IMU Arduino Library


    I have a question regarding internal 24-bit counter (BMI088 shutle board). First two bytes (0 - 15) work as expected but third byte acts strange: it goes from 0 to 255 when second counter reaches 128 and when second counter overflows third counter goes to 0. This is the library I'm using:

    Library looks fine and I experience the same problem on all 6 sensors I have. Any ideas what might be wrong?