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    BMI270 Initialization

    BMI270 Initialization

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    Paragraph 4.4 of the BMI270 Data Sheet outlines Power on Reset and Device Initialization. Fourth bullet says that a configuration file needs to be loaded into the device using "burst write". Questions: what is in the configuration file and is it really needed to make the device operate? What happens if I don't load it into the device? What is "burst write" command and is that supported as a python command? Where is it documented?

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    If the accelerometer and gyroscope don't require the installation of initialization file to take readings - what step is required to get the 270 out of Suspend Mode and into Configuration mode? Section 4.4 of Data Sheet says "After every POR (Power on Reset) or soft reset, the IMU remains in suspend mode". Same section it later says "After the initialization sequence is completed, the power mode is automatically set to "Configuration Mode". How does one get the device into Configuration Mode without loading the initialization file? Is there a minimum set of instructions that can result in device exiting Suspend mode?

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    There is 3. quick start guide In this datasheet.

    You can see that there are more steps except writing config file. 

    Even though you don't write config file, you need some initialization step for BMI270. 



    This is where I am having a problem - from quickstart guide - I can read chipid. Without loading the configuration file, not sure why the init_ok flag would be a "1". Instead I am getting init_err = 1 which means initialization error. Even if I proceed to any of the "power mode" examples I can't read any of the sensors. I can read Sensortime, but the accelerometer, gyroscope and temperature just read "0". I suspect the device is still in suspend mode.

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    I checked with team that BMI2 series requires config file download. 

    Therefore, config file download is necessary. 

    Sorry for inconvience and wrong information. 

    Please test it with config file. 

    Thank you. 


    Here is Tolic from Edinburgh.

    Trying to initiate BMI270 by writing config file by 100KBPS I2C in 64byte chunks.

    I2C write pretends to be Okay, but INTERNAL_STATUS returning  0x02. 

    What I'm doing in a wrong way? SALEAE file could be found in attachment.