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    BMP388: what is the maximum of slave addresses in I2C mode

    BMP388: what is the maximum of slave addresses in I2C mode

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    In I2C mode with one master how many  BMP388 as slave can be connect  to an Arduino UNO?

    From the datasheet I understand that there are only 2 adresses possible  in I2C mode (0x76 or 0x77) as designated by bit  7 in the device address  and configured via the SDO (pin 5) port to ground or plus.

    In SPI mode, as I hope to understand well from the datasheet,  it's up to 128 BMP388 addresses.

    My questions are:

    -Am I understanding well that in I2C mode the maximum number of slaves is two?

    -Of course I can connect a lot of BMP388's in series to the Arduino, but how can I address them in I2C mode. Or should I use SPI mode?

    -Is there any documentation that makes this more clear?

    -Is there any example Arduino code for the I2C situation?

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    Hi Barry,

    You can connect a maximum of 2 BME388 per i2c bus. The maximum amount of sensors depends on how many i2c buses you have in your system (most hosts that more than 1 i2c bus, there are also i2c bus multiplexers ICs).

    For SPI, there is not limit to the number of devices. Apart from SCK, MOSI and MOSI, one need 1 chip select GPIO pin for each slave device. the maximum number of slaves is therefore the maximum number of GPIO pins available on your host. There again, there are a variety of I/O expanders that can greatly increase the number of GPIOs for Chip Select pins.