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    BNO055 Application Questions

    BNO055 Application Questions

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    Hi Everyone,

    I will be having the following questions answered by Bosch shortly and will post the answers. If anyone already has the answers, it would be great if you could share! Thanks in advance.


    • Is this a suitable chip for automotive applications? Asking because the gyroscope refused to calibrate when cold (~0C) and the engine was on
    • SYS calibration status fluctuated wildly over a ~15 minute drive, with it being at 0 more than 50% of the time
    • Our application is a J1939 digital compass, should we use NDOF mode or Compass mode?



      • Is re-use of calibration values only valid right after ‘Power of Reset’ because it is always modifying the offset registers?
      • Can it be turned off?
    • What does SYS calibration mean, and why does it vary so much (with the vehicle in motion)?
      • If the SYS calibration is 0, should fusion data be discarded?
      • Can SYS calibration bit be < 3 if all other calibration status’ are =3?
      • In modes other than NDOF, does SYS matter?
    • How are all calibration status values calculated?
    • If you manually load the offset and radius registers, (when) do the calibration status registers mean anything?
    • What is meant by magnetometer and accelerometer radius?
    • NDOF mode vs. NDOF_FMC_OFF mode – does this affect auto-calibration or only the initial calibration?
    • Would the gyro or accelerometer ever need to be calibrated after end-of-line test at the factory?


    Mode of Operation:

    • What is the difference between Compass and NDOF mode?
    • Is Compass mode tilt-compensated?
    • How do we obtain accurate tilt compensated heading information if the gyro sensor is not used while the vehicle is in motion (as accelerometer data will be affected by vehicle acceleration)


    • What is the newest revision?
      • Are there any changes to (auto) calibration routines since
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    Unfortunately all I can say for now is "stay tuned".

    I will post on this community when the firmware is posted on our website.


    So I am ok using