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    BNO055 orientation in automotive application

    BNO055 orientation in automotive application

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    We're developing a measuring system to be mounted on an offroad car trailer hitch. One part of this measurement system is the BNO055 for measuring accelerations and orientation to vertical. Specifically, we'd like to get orientation with respect to vertical at an accuracy of 2 degrees. I have two questions about how to achieve this:

    1. What sensor fusion mode is best suited for this task? I was thinking NDOF but I was reading somewhere on this forum that automatic calibration of the magnetometer would fail in an automotive application. I have no idea if that's true. Perhaps IMU mode? But I'm not sure if the vehicle could then keep track of the direction of gravity.

    2. How far do we have to keep the BNO055 from power supply lines? I've looked at the Soldering & Mounting instructions but couldn't get this question fully answered. We have a measurement computer close-by that draws about 1 A of current but there is some leeway on how to do the layout. I can calculate the magnetic field around a conductor. I also know that it helps to run plus and ground conductors next to each other. And I know that the Earth's magnetic field is about 20 µT. But I have no idea how big of an effect it has if I get, say 2 µT of interference. Are there some guidelines on how the magnitude of interference affects the magnitude of errors in the orientation data delivered by the sensor? I understand that this depends on the fusion mode chosen. I think NDOF would be the relevant fusion mode for our case.

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    Hi ljschreiber,

    BNO055 is a consumer grade sensor.
    BNO055 integrates fusion algorithms, which can output Euler angles (pitch, roll, heading) in both IMU and NDOF modes. If obtaining higher precision heading values, NDOF mode is usually used.
    The further away BNO055 is from the heat source or high current, the better, usually placed 5mm away from the interference source.