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    Best way to use BME688 dev board w/o AI-Studio

    Best way to use BME688 dev board w/o AI-Studio


    Hi all
    Maybe I missed it, but to me it is not clear how I can use the BME688 dev board (8xBME688 + ESP32 / Huzzah32 board -> if I cannot, or do not want to use the Bosch AI-Studio (in my case I cannot because I use Linux, but there might also be reasons to use different analysis strategies).
    I checked already BSEC-Arduino-library (, which does not include the BME688 drivers and thus does not seem compatible. I also tried the BSEC 2.x Software ( but there I don't get the example working (error code -2), also there is no documentation at all.
    Thanks to anyone that could help me out here, or that sits in the same boat and would like to discuss some possible approaches.


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    Community Moderator
    Community Moderator

    Hello nkdnnlr, 


    Sorry for inconvenience. 

    Currently, we are offerring AI studio for windows and MAC. 

    Regarding BSEC library, you can test with our application board or arduino. ( I tested with Arduino DUE)

    Therefore, arduino DUE + Linux should work. 




    Dear Minwhan

    Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately, this does not answer my question, which was not about Linux and not about the Arduino DUE.

    I've purchased the BME688 Huzza32 dev board (8xBME688+Huzzah32 board -> and would like to communicate with it without using the Ai-Studio. My questions are:
    1. Which library do you recommend to use (I assume BSEC?), and which version of it?
    2. Can you provide example code for a simple sensor reading command using the board above?

    Thanks in advance for your help!


    Any updates on the above?

    Thanks in advance!

    Community Moderator
    Community Moderator

    Hello Nik, 


    BME68x array board is for AI studio, not for BSEC. Therefore, currently we don't have example code for it. Sorry about that. 

    The idea is using AI studio, you can create your own configuration to detect some gas or smell. Then, you need to test with app 3.0 + BME688 board using the confiugration.