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    Connect to Application Board 3.0 over BLE: Wireless connection

    Connect to Application Board 3.0 over BLE: Wireless connection

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    I am attempting to setup an Application Board 3.0 with a BMI088 sensor over bluetooth, but have not been able to find how I enable or connect to it over bluetooth, as near as I can tell it is not currently available for connection, and I cannot seem to find the appropriate documentation. I can connect to it over USB just fine with the desktop development tool, but we intended to utilize it over bluetooth presently.

    Skyler Sampson

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    Community Moderator
    Community Moderator

    Hi SkylerSamspon,

    Did you run you code on COINES environment?

    I attempted to scan for the device using the tool at COINES\v2.7.0\tools\ble-nus-term, but as far as I could tell none of the devices listed were the application board, I have not gotten to the point of trying to run my own code on the board yet, just being able to connect to the board over BLE with the Development Desktop software will be suffficent for current needs. Powering on the board in a more isolated environment, I did not see any new mac addresses listed by the tool listed above

    Hi SkylerSamspon,

    You can refer the following guide to send BLE data from APP3.0 to mobile app.

    Log in coins code can be sent to our phone by BLE and show them in phone ble APP.
    For example(coins_v2.7.0):

    Change serial parameter from COINES_COMM_INTF_USB to COINES_COMM_INTF_BLE when call coines_open_comm_intf() function and call coines_close_comm_intf() function.
    coines_open_comm_intf(COINES_COMM_INTF_BLE, NULL);

    Change printf(...) function to fprintf(bt_w, ... ).
    In order not to change each printf() one by one function we are using, we can use the following macro definition at the head of your current file to achieve this operation.
    #define printf(format, arg...) fprintf(bt_w, format, ##arg)

    Download Android APK: Serial Bluetooth_Terminal from Google play or Apkpure store.
    Open APK and then connect APP3.0 board BLE after compiled bin is loaded into APP3.0 board RAM or ROM. if connect successful, log will be shown on phone screen.