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    ESP32 S3 ESP IDF BME688 BSEC Integration

    ESP32 S3 ESP IDF BME688 BSEC Integration


    Im working on using the bme688 on my ESP32S3. Im using the esp idf. Im very new to writing in C so my code is full of errors. Im pieced together most of the neccesary things but im getting errors whe trying to compile. Currently im trying to workout the config load function. I would be very helpfull if someone more knowledgable could explain the concept of the intergartion of bsec and the bme688 to me. From my understanding Im writing the functions that bsec_integration expects in my main file and they will then be linked, correct?

    Greenshot 2024-02-29 14.51.10.png

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    here is my main and bsec integration file

    i think i fugured it out. I was looking a other code, i just hat to load bsec_config_selectivity. learning as I go.

    Would still appreciate any other remarks on the integration.

    Also im realized that the code i copied is for the multi sensor interface. Can someone link to a version of the bsec_integration example for non multi interface?

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    Community Moderator

    Hi davdwsl,

    You can refer to "bsec_v2-5-0-2\examples\BSEC_Integration_Examples\examples\bsec_iot_example" and replace hardware related code with code for your platform.
    And based on your hardware platform and compiler, select library from directory "bsec_v2-5-0-2\algo\normal_version\bin" and compile it.

    Hi @davdwsl , Would you mind sharing the code you managed to get working tearing my hair out over this? i managed to get it slightly working but it overflows about 30-45 seconds into running 

    Also, how are you dealing with multiple devices on the same i2c bus if you are ?