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    Help to identify BMA accelerometer

    Help to identify BMA accelerometer

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    I am looking at product which uses what I suspects is some sort of BMA2xx accelerometer. I would like to find the specific model for documentation purposes.

    The IC marking fits the description in the BMA 200 series of datasheets I have been able to find.
    I have checked the datasheets of: BMA222E, 223, 250E, 253, 255

    The "Product Number" is "J" (see the enclosed picture), the closest I found are the BMA250E marked with "I", and BMA255 with "K". 

    Is there anywhere I can find a complete list of current and depecrated BMA sensors or even better a table of the "Product Number" used by Bosch Sensortec IC's?

    Best regards

    Magnus Christensen

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    I also found the following list of products from the BMA2 API:

    But I can't find multiple of the datasheets of the listed part numbers.

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    Community Moderator

    Hi mnchdti,

    For your information "I am looking at product which uses what I suspects is some sort of BMA2xx accelerometer. I would like to find the specific model for documentation purposes.", do you mean your don't use sensor for product design, only would like to know about the sensor information?
    Usually, you don't know the specific information of the sensor you are using. You can obtain the part number and tracking code from the official distributor to confirm the sensor information you are using.

    Hi BSTRobin

    Thank you for the reply. 

    I have a physical product in hand where the sensor is used. As I write I suspect it is a BMAxxx sensor, but would like to identify the specific model number. From my search I haven't been able to locate datasheet where the marking contains a "J" on the "Product Number" field. Per my understanding it is the manufacturer (Bosch Sensortec) that prints this information on the product.

    So my request is basicly just help to link the "J" to the corresponding BMA product type.

    BMA250E marking information.png

    Best Regards