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    Help updating firmware to drive BME688 x8 sensor board

    Help updating firmware to drive BME688 x8 sensor board


    All, I need help here as well.   I have 3 of the BME688 x8 Sensor, sample gathering boards by Bosch just purchased at Mouser.   When I try and use them with the latest Bosch Android app to test some of the sample smells I have gathsered, it says you must have a newer version of the firmware on the feather board that drives the x8 BME688 board.   No problem I think and I download the latest BSEC2 library locate the Firmware source under the examples.   I then install all of the older versions of the libraries the reader says are needed and compile.   At the linking step I get '.dram0.bss' will not fit in region `dram0_0_seg'.   I am using everything Bosch has told me to use and have 3 $80 BME688 boards that are useless for using with the Android app.   Bosch you have got some excellent technology but can do better here.  My goal is to update my 3 adafruit  feather boards to run Bosch's latest firmware to drive the x8 test sample board from Bosch.   Can someone help please!

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    Community Moderator
    Community Moderator

    Hi SHarsany,

    You can download BME688 dev kit software and mobile app from
    And refer to the guide in to upgrade software to your hardware board.

    Thanks BSTRobin.  I have followed those Instructions precisely and downgraded all libraries as directed.   I still get the same link error stating the data segment is too large.   Is there a built version of the latest firmware that can be downloaded?  I am still stuck as I follow instructions and it won't complete the link step.