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    I'm trying to interface an nRF52832 to the BMA456 and load a config file

    I'm trying to interface an nRF52832 to the BMA456 and load a config file


    Hello everyone,

    I am attemping to interface an nRF52832 to the BMA456 and load a step counter/tracker. Has anyone already done this and if not does anyone have any ideas of how to get started? 

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    Screenshot 2023-05-23 171117.png

    now it has loaded 3 times correctly!

    The problem is it is taking a very long time to load and then check if it was loaded correctly 3-5 mins any idea on why that could be? 

    I fixed the timing issue!!!

    I am using the Grove - Step Counter Grove - Step Counter(BMA456) | Seeed Studio Wiki

    I am attempting to just output every step for testing so I can see the interface working. I have used the API from Bosch and have gotten the config file loaded sucessfully. I have enabled the step counter but when I read the register it is always 0. Any suggestions? Thank you in advance for any help.

    Here is my code:

     * Copyright (c) 2022 Bosch Sensortec GmbH. All rights reserved.
     * SPDX-License-Identifier: BSD-3-Clause

    #include <stdio.h>
    #include "bma456h.h"
    #include "common.h"

    /*!            Function                                                       */

    /* This function starts the execution of program. */
    int main(void)
        /* Variable to store the status of API */
        int8_t rslt;

        /* Sensor initialization configuration */
        struct bma4_dev bma = { 0 };

        /* Variable to store step counter interrupt status */
        uint16_t int_status = 0;

        /* Variable to store step counter output */
        uint32_t step_out = 0;

        /* Interface reference is given as a parameter
         *         For I2C : BMA4_I2C_INTF
         *         For SPI : BMA4_SPI_INTF
         * Variant information given as parameter - BMA45X_VARIANT
        printf("\nStart new step counter example\n");
        rslt = bma4_interface_init(&bma, BMA4_I2C_INTF, BMA45X_VARIANT);
        bma4_error_codes_print_result("bma4_interface_init", rslt);
        printf("bma4_interface_init status %d\n", rslt);

        /* Sensor initialization */
        rslt = bma456h_init(&bma);
        bma4_error_codes_print_result("bma456h_init status", rslt);
        printf("bma456h_init status %d\n", rslt);

        /* Upload the configuration file to enable the features of the sensor. */
        rslt = bma456h_write_config_file(&bma);
        bma4_error_codes_print_result("bma456h_write_config status", rslt);
        printf("bma456h_write_config status %d\n", rslt);

        /* Enable the accelerometer */
        rslt = bma4_set_accel_enable(BMA4_ENABLE, &bma);
        bma4_error_codes_print_result("bma4_set_accel_enable status", rslt);
        printf("bma4_set_accel_enable status %d\n", rslt);

        if (rslt == BMA4_OK)
            /* Map the interrupt pin 1 for step counter */
            rslt = bma456h_map_interrupt(BMA4_INTR1_MAP, BMA456H_STEP_CNTR_INT, BMA4_ENABLE, &bma);
            bma4_error_codes_print_result("bma456h_map_interrupt status", rslt);
            printf("bma456h_map_interrupt status %d\n", rslt);
            if (rslt == BMA4_OK)
                /* Setting watermark level 1, the output step resolution is 20 steps.
                 * Eg: 1 means, 1 * 20 = 20. Every 20 steps once output triggers
                // rslt = bma456h_step_counter_set_watermark(0, &bma);
                // bma4_error_codes_print_result("bma456h_step_counter_set_watermark status", rslt);
                // printf("set watermark status %d\n", rslt);
                if (rslt == BMA4_OK)
                    /* Enabling step counter feature */
                    rslt = bma456h_feature_enable(BMA456H_STEP_COUNTER_EN, BMA4_ENABLE, &bma);
                    bma4_error_codes_print_result("bma456h_feature_enable status: step counter enabled", rslt);
                    printf("bma456h_feature_enable status %d\n", rslt);
                    rslt = bma456h_feature_enable(BMA456H_STEP_DETECTOR_EN, BMA4_ENABLE, &bma);
                    bma4_error_codes_print_result("bma456h_feature_enable status: step detector enabled", rslt);
                    printf("bma456h_feature_enable status %d\n", rslt);
            if (rslt == BMA4_OK)
                printf("Step counter feature is enabled\n");

                //printf("Step counter watermark level is 1 (Output resolution is 20 steps)\n");

                printf("Move the board in steps to perform step counter\n");

                for (;;)
                    /* Read interrupt status */
                    // rslt = bma456h_read_int_status(&int_status, &bma);
                    // bma4_error_codes_print_result("bma456h_read_int_status", rslt);
                    // //printf("bma456h_read_int_status status %d\n", rslt);    
                    // /* Enters only if the obtained interrupt is step counter */
                    // if ((rslt == BMA4_OK) && (int_status & BMA456H_STEP_CNTR_INT))
                    // {
                        //printf("Step counter interrupt received when watermark level is reached (20 steps)\n");
                        rslt = bma456h_step_counter_output(&step_out, &bma);
                        if (rslt == BMA4_OK && step_out > 0){
                            printf("The step counter output is %lu\n", (long unsigned int)step_out);
                       bma.delay_us(1000000, bma.intf_ptr);
                //    }

                   //int_status = 0;

        return rslt;