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    Is BSEC 2.0 compatible with BME680? What are the new features of 2.0 vs 1?

    Is BSEC 2.0 compatible with BME680? What are the new features of 2.0 vs 1?



    Maybe I just missed this but I have search across the Bosch website. Two questions:

    1. Is the new BSEC 2.0 compatible with the BME680, or only the BME688?
    2. What are the main new features of 2.0 vs 1? 

    We hope to eventually switch to the BME688, but for now we have a bunch of product with the BME680. Just trying to figure out pros and cons.

    Any links or information anyone has would be very helpful.


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    1. Yes. But, you have to use right config file. 

    2. Main feature is AI learning for specific gas. But, you have to use BME688 if you want to use the feature. 


    Thanks for the quick reply.

    I thought I had read somewhere that changes were made to how LP and ULP modes worked with BSEC 2?

    Is there a comprehensive list of new features and changes somewhere?



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    In our example, there is "bsecInst.updateSubscription(sensorList, ARRAY_LEN(sensorList), BSEC_SAMPLE_RATE_HIGH_PERFORMANCE)"

    You can change BSEC_SAMPLE_RATE_HIGH_PERFORMANCE as you want. 

    Please check updateSubscription fucntion. 

    However, switching data rate using updateSubscription is not available right now. But, you can set it up at first time. 



    Three follow up questions:

    1. Is that documented somewhere?

    2. Is there any data on the power consumption at different sample rates?

    3. Does this mean the previous limitation of continuous, low power (every 3s) or ultra low power (every 5 mins) no longer applies?