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    Nicla Sense ME not receiving sketch

    Long-established Member

    Re: Nicla Sense ME not receiving sketch

    Hi Yohai

    I haven't personally experienced the issue you mentioned, my guess is that the board has been damaged or bricked for some unknown reason. 

    You could also try post the problem on Arduino Forum to see if anyone there could help. 


    Re: Nicla Sense ME not receiving sketch

    Hi zgg,

    I managed to solve the issue by uploading the sketch from Arduino Web Editor instead of the IDE.

    My guess is that it didn't work because of premissions the IDE have, but anyway I'm using the Web Editor and it is working well. Thanks for the response.

    Long-established Member

    Re: Nicla Sense ME not receiving sketch



    thanks a lot for sharing your update, yes, on your computer (espeically enterprise-managed ones) sometimes various permission issues might hinder the programming of the board due to IT policies and restrictions, your update is indeed helpful because it might give others inspirations on solutions to similar issues. 

    New Poster

    Re: Nicla Sense ME not receiving sketch

    I also have a brand new Nicle Sense ME, and have been going through the tutorial to set it up and I am also seeing this error.

    Arduino IDE version is:

    Version: 2.0.1
    Date: 2022-10-27T13:25:20.672Z
    CLI Version: 0.28.0 [06fb1909]

    Copyright © 2022 Arduino SA

    Running on Ubuntu 20.04

    This is what I get when I try to use the Arduino IDE for uploading. It is using the option ARM CMSIS-DAP Compatible for programmer. Using ST-LINK makes no difference.

    Sketch uses 294788 bytes (55%) of program storage space. Maximum is 527616 bytes.
    Global variables use 39296 bytes (61%) of dynamic memory, leaving 24992 bytes for local variables. Maximum is 64288 bytes.
    Open On-Chip Debugger 0.11.0+dev-gab95bac57-dirty (2021-05-11-10:49)
    Licensed under GNU GPL v2
    For bug reports, read
    debug_level: 0

    adapter speed: 1000 kHz

    Error: unable to open CMSIS-DAP device 0x2341:0x60
    Error: unable to find a matching CMSIS-DAP device

    Failed uploading: uploading error: exit status 1

    Long-established Member

    Re: Nicla Sense ME not receiving sketch



    sorry for delayed response, as I was behind my emails. 

    Unfortuantely I had zero or few experience before with the issue you see, so I cannot give very accurate help here. 

    Not sure if when you saw this issue if the board has a red LED blinking, if yes, you might try removing the USB power and reconnect again to see it helps. 

    Let me know if you have got any luck solving this issue, in the mean time, you could check if you can get some help from Arduino Forum.