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    Setting the RTC on the BME688 Development Kit Board (with 8 sensors)

    Setting the RTC on the BME688 Development Kit Board (with 8 sensors)

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    The datasheet says "

    For adjusting the real-time clock (*RTC"), the easiest method is to download the BME688 Development Kit App from,

    install it on your phone and connect the BME688 Development Kit by BLE."

    But I don't see anything in the app that lets me set the clock.

    It's not a gigantic deal, but all the samples have the wrong date/time associated with them.

    If the app is not going to work, is there some other way to set the RTC on the board?


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    Community Moderator
    Community Moderator

    Hi Patmolloy, 


    RTC for BME688 dev kit is for log. 

    Once you connect with BME688 dev kit and android app, BME688 dev kit is automatically set to phone time. 

    Before that, BME688 dev kit timestamp could be wrong. 

    Therefore, we recommend to connect with phone and BME688 dev kit thru our app for timestamp (RTC).  

    Thank you. 

    I have the same issue. Before I connect with android app, the time says 1970 as would be expected. After connecting to my phone, the time is consistantly lagging two hours. Tested it again just a moment ago: (1) Connected a devkit to my phone (2) Went into the datafile (3) Used to convert the first stamp, 1714119907, to date and time-format. Two hours lagging. This offset gets compensated for in AI Studio (by two hours and some odd minutes), but it would be great if the files had the correct date in explorer, since I will be collecting the data elsewhere.