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    Thermal data of BMF055

    Thermal data of BMF055

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    I am looking for thermal characteristics of your part BMF055. I am looking for the junction temperature to ambient (Tja) data. Would you be able to provide this information?


    Thank you for your help,



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    Hi Joseph,

    Unfortunately this data is not available. BMF055 does not generate enough heat to require cooling. Both the accelerometer and gyroscope dies contain an internal temperature sensor which you can read via the register 0x34.



    I'm not interested in how hot the device gets under load. I'm designing an intrinsically safe product. For the safety assessment they need to know the thermal characteristics of each component. Is there no additional data at all that could be of use?


    Thank you for your help,



    Hi Joseph, 

    In this case I would refer you to the legal disclaimer at the end of the datasheet, section 11.2 on Product use :

    "Bosch Sensortec products are developed for the consumer goods industry. [...] They are not fit for use in life-sustaining or security sensitive systems. Security sensitive systems are those for which a malfunction is expected to lead to bodily harm or significant property damage. [...] The examination of fitness for the intended use is the sole responsibility of the Purchaser."

    To summarize, Bosch Sensortec sensors are not designed to be used in safety applications, where sensor failure could cause injury. The specific thermal resistance data for the BMF055 package is unfortunately not available.

    The sensor itself is not being used for a safety application. It is for the system to be safe for use in flammable atmospheres under ATEX certification. We are trying to calculate the worst case thermal rise in the event the sensor fails.