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    Using BNO055 for static angle measurements

    Using BNO055 for static angle measurements

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    I am wondering if BNO055 is suitable for measuring angle differences(tilt) in a "static" object with an accuracy of at least 0.1 degree. Absolut position/angle is not that relevant but relative movements/angles.

    "static" object means a heavy metal box (~200kg).

    Surrounging Conditions:

    - stable Temperature (+-0,5°C) 30°C


    I try to find out if our object (Hevy Metal Box) is tilting and if yes how much. A accuracy of 0.1° should be achieved. There will be no fast movement but maybe vibrations which we also want to measure (aplitudes to figure out if there are vibration - no high accuracy requirement).


    My Questions:

    What is the relative angle accuracy for tilting in any direction (no active movent - very slow)?

    Is this sensor suitable to solve this kind of problem?  If no, is there an alternative sensor available?


    Thanks for answering my questions


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    Community Moderator
    Community Moderator

    This objective is very hard to achieve in fact.  

    You mentioned,  the movement of the heavy box is very slow.  

    The angle rotation was calcuated based on gyro,  but if the movement is too slow,  then the gyro sensor output is low than certain threshold, we will treat it as noise, so the heading will keep the same.  and 0.1 degrees will not bring too much change on accel and magnetic data, so compenstate from that is not a easy task.  

    The 0.1 degree deviation will be easily covered by the noise of sensor output.   And you mentioned the box also have vibration.  Then the sensor output itself might be jumpping 0.1 degree already because of the vibration.  The real title information you want to find is hard to distingruish here.  

    Such kind of high accuracy request, you may consider some non consumer sensor.  


    thanks for your reply.

    It it possible to name numbers like +-1° is possible to detect or is this depending on too much variables?

    best regards


    Community Moderator
    Community Moderator

    1 degree change is possible to be detected by BNO055 in theory.  

    But in this special case,  i will say a testing in real environment is more important to find out the capability.