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    VOC reading using BME 688 and ESP-32 S2 TFT

    VOC reading using BME 688 and ESP-32 S2 TFT

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    I have an Adafruit ESP 32 S2 TFT ( and a BME 688 breakout board by Adafruit, I am programming in the Arduino IDE.

    I am trying to get a reading of the VOC concentration, I am able to get the raw gas resistance, but when I tried the BSEC Software Library provided by Bosch I wouldn't compile, then I found this other library, bsec2 library (,  that should support the MCU I have. However, when I tried the x8boards basic example it would give me error code -3. I also tried the generic basic example, but that would give me error code -2.

    What do these error codes mean? is there any other way to get the VOC concetration?

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    Community Moderator
    Community Moderator

    Hi Diogo_Goto,

    Thanks for your inquiry.
    You can download latest BSEC from and try it again, the BSEC version on github is old.


    Is there any specific installation procedure? I added the extracted folder to my Arduino libraries folder but I can't find the library even after I restart the IDE there, I also tried importing the library by the add library zip button in the IDE, but it just said it isn't a valid library and I tried  modifying the platform.txt as instructed by one of the files inside the library folder but nothing change.