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    Why am I not getting good readings from the BNO055?

    Why am I not getting good readings from the BNO055?

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    Hello. I an using the 9 Axis Motion Shield in an autoguided vehicle. I have already performed the calibration process and stored the appropiate settings in the Arduino EEPROM. When I turn the device on, I copy the previously stored settings in the calibration registers and, after that, I put the sensor in IMU mode (only accelerometer and gyroscope). I don't know if any step I do is wrong, but when I place the sensor in my hand, the Heading angle I read is correct, but when it is mounted on the vehicle is wrong. What could be happening?

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    And will slow movements not affect the accuracy in NDOF mode?

    Hello. I have checked that placing the sensor on a foam, measurements improve substantially. However, I still have quite a few of error. Since I seem to be having a problem with vibrations, do you know any more effective way to reduce them?

    Right now, in one direction of rotation, I can observe 4º of error is in each turn of the sensor, in such a way that, in 3 turns, I have 3x4º = 12º of error. However, in the opposite direction of rotation, the error is 2º and is also cumulative. This behaviour doesn't seem to be a consequence of vibrations, does it?

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    Hello rvillagrasa,

    Foam can reduce some vibration, but the foam will age as time goes on. And it would be hard to keep the device on the level place. And then the heading will even not be same everytime.