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    BHI260AP or BHI380 for a new self learning application

    BHI260AP or BHI380 for a new self learning application

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    I have to decide which way to move for a new design and application that uses Self learning IMU sensors. I am between the BHI260AP and BHI380 and to me they look very similar.

    The BHI260AP (btw, I do not know what "AP" stands for) is quite established, its already on Nicla Sense ME, the Application Board 3.0 can fit the BHI260AP Shuttle board flyer. If I had to start now probably this could be the easier path.

    On the other hand BHI380 is a new (and better ?) product. Looking at the website I have not understood if this sensor is limited in any sense compared to the BHI260AP  (again I do not know if that "AP" gives something  smart to the BHI260AP that the BHI380 does not have). 

    So the bottom line is that looking at the generic specs I believe that both of them are able to do the work I want to. What I have not understood is how better the 380 is and why this is not named as 380AP

    I am not in a rush on this development, I can start in a few months if something interesting comes out and I will have to wait a bit.

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    Community Moderator
    Community Moderator

    Hi GiannisG,

    AP means that firmware contains rich professional algorithms, such as support for self-learning algorithms.
    In theory, BHI380 will support more algorithms than BHI260AP. The size of BHI380 is smaller than that of BHI260AP.