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    BHI360 availability

    BHI360 availability



    we are very interested to get started with the new BHI360 smart senor as soon as possible!
    As it was presented already on CES2023 and embbeded world 2023 and announced in some press release to be 
    available on April, we would be happy to know when the chip becomes available for the general public via
    Bosch distribution channels.

    Any information is very appreciated.


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    Community Moderator
    Community Moderator

    Hi thilo,

    Thanks for your inquiry.
    BHI360 is available now ,can be ordered already from official distributor.

    Hi Robin,

    this are great news, thanks. Mouser announces to have it on stock by end of July.

    Another question:
    Where can I find the Lifecycle Noification document for the BHI160B as it got the status "Not recommended for new designs".
    I couldn't find it in the documents section of the product page. 

    If there is no such document available, when do you expect the Bosch BHI160B will receive the status "End of Life (EoL)"?

    Thanks and kind regards

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    Community Moderator


    Thanks for your interest on BHI360. Its datasheet is available on our website at

    Could you please send a private message to me and let me know your company name, address and your company email address? I will then try to find a local FAE to support you with sample and eval. board to get you started right away. In addition, we announced BMM350 TMR technology based 3-axis magnetometer. You can get 9DoF sensor fusion results directly from BHI360 + BMM350 so that your host processor can focus on other tasks.