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    BMA456 - INTERNAL_STAT set to sns_stop?

    BMA456 - INTERNAL_STAT set to sns_stop?

    New Poster

    Dear Community,

    I am trying to interface a BMA456 using the provided Github API as my guide. However, I am using an embedded 8051 chip, so I have to adapt the code to work on our 8-bit chip. 

    I perform all the steps as per this image:



    However, when I read the content of the INTERNAL_STAT register (0x2A), the answer is 0x84, indicating both an odr_high_error and a sns_stop.

    What does that mean? Especially the sns_stop? I could not find any information regarding it's meaning. 

    Hope someone can help.



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    Community Moderator
    Community Moderator

    Hi JohannesPP,

    See it from your 0x2A register value, you have not adapted the code to work on 8-bit chip correctly.

    Yes, I am aware that something is not correct, hence my post here. But the error message does not help me and I was wondering if you could provide some insight into what it means. But I guess it just means "it ain't working"...

    In either case, I find it ridiculous that one hast to write more than a kb of data to a sensor chip every time it boots...Yes, it's a powerful chip with lots of options but cmon, this feels like a quick and dirty hack.

    Community Moderator
    Community Moderator

    Hi JohannesPP,

    The 1KB configuration file contains the algorithm to implement the feature. To use the feature, you must load the configuration file.
    sns_stop means sensor stopped, you could see it from BMA456 data sheet.

    BMA456 0x2A internal status.png