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    BME AI-Studio MacOS Download not working

    BME AI-Studio MacOS Download not working

    New Poster

    I am attempting to download the BME AI-Studio MacOS software. I have gone to the link on this page: and filled out the form including my email address. However, I have not received an email with the download link.  I have done this twice now to verify that my email was entered correctly, but still no email with a download link. Could someone verify that this is still the way to get the BME AI-Studio software or point me in the right direction to get the download link? Thank you.

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    I've had issues downloading files from the website as well. I've managed to trace the issues down to a combination of two things.

    1. Don't use any special syntax for emails. For example, if you use + notation, it does not seem to work.
    2. Disable any sort of ad-blockers. I found that when I disable the ad-blockers on my web browser, an extra dialog I had to confirm was shown. With the ad-blocker enabled, I never saw this dialog, could not confirm it, and thus did not get the email.

    Community Moderator
    Community Moderator

    Hi Green,

    We did not find any situation where we could not receive the download link. Can you try again with another email?

    Hi marsfan,

    Yes, don't make special settings for your email.

    Discovered my school network was blocking the confirmation so I did not get the email. Tried on a different network and it worked perfectly. Thanks.