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    BME688, AI-Studio Software, .bmerawdata .bmespecimen files content format specification

    BME688, AI-Studio Software, .bmerawdata .bmespecimen files content format specification


    Hello everyone!

    I have been able to integrate the Bosch libraries:


    and the BSEC 2.x library

    On a custom Design BME688 8x board, by researching a lot on different forums and documents.

    Now, I can see the data from sensors reading and processing, similar to this forum:

    My question is:

    What is the format specification of the content for the bme data files (.bmerawdata and .bmespecimen), for being successfully used on the BME AI-Studio Software?

    I mean. Is it possible to know the specification to construct the .bmerawdata or .bmespecimen files to be generated from the BSEC 2.x library output data so they can be imported into  the BME AI-Studio Software?


    Thank you and best regards.

    Alejandro Medina

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    Below question might be helpful for you.

    However, if you have any question after checking this one, please let me know. 


    Hello Minhwan, I appreciate your quick answer.

    I checked carefully the link you sent.

    They are talking about the configuration files that the AI studio generates as output to configure the BME 8x board: .bmeconfig file. 

    Now, what I need is to know about the output files generated by the BME 8x board: *.bmerawdata *.bmespecimen files

    And how to construct the content of those two files. 

    Those two files are generated by the measurements on the BME 8x board an saved into it's SD card. After that, you can import them into AI studio as the measurement data.

    Those measurements files are in format: .bmerawdata .bmespecimen

    I need the specification of the content of those two files.

    I added some images of the AI-Studio to better clarify what I want to mean.

    Dear Minhwan, do you have any information that could help me on that particular requirement?


    Since I have a custom design BME688 8x board, I have to develop a custom firmware and make the board compatible with the AI studio software. I mean, my board have to generate the measurements data files compatibles with the AI studio software, so the measurement data that mi board generates can be successfully imported into the AI studio software.

    That's why I need the specification on how to construct the .bmerawdata .bmespecimen files

    Thank you and regards

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    Community Moderator

    Hello alex_medina, 


    Currently, we only offer BME688 dev kit for AI studio. I don't think your custom board can make raw data. 

    For more details, please visit, use the contact form to submit your request.


    Just found what I was looking for:

    In the BME AI-Studio Software Documentation. There is a section called "Technical specification" --> "Raw Data Format"  --> "File Name", "Structure", "Example"

    And there I can see the file (raw data, specimen) content format, headers and structure in general.


    Thank you