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    BME688 Arduino recent example

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    Re: BME688 Arduino recent example

    Thanks a lot, let me try if that solves my issues



    Re: BME688 Arduino recent example

    No problem, let me know how you get on or if you have any other issues 🙂

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    Re: BME688 Arduino recent example


    Again, thank you very much for your help! I ran the code with your suggested sensor type:

    bsec_virtual_sensor_t sensorList[] = {

    Unfortunately, i get an error after the first data coming in. This is as long as BSEC_OUTPUT_RAW_GAS_INDEX is not part of the sensor. I am assuming, that it might have to do with my sensor config, it is still the original one called bsec_serialized_* .

    12:55:52.317 -> BSEC outputs:
    12:55:52.317 -> 	timestamp = 1050
    12:55:52.317 -> 	temperature = 33.53
    12:55:52.317 -> 	pressure = 97709.91
    12:55:52.317 -> 	humidity = 21.84
    12:55:52.317 -> 	gas resistance = 301176.47
    12:55:52.317 -> 
    12:55:52.317 ->  no bsec run 
    12:55:52.317 -> BSEC error code : -4


    Did that happen to you as well?

    BTW: Meanwhile, the BSEC2 github repo was filled with content.

    There are multiple examples now, i remember that this repo was empty  a while ago. Anyway, i get an error while comilation which is described in there: 



    Kind Regards!


    Re: BME688 Arduino recent example


    No I don't have any error returned by the BSES instance. When I look at bsec_datatypes.h in the BSEC 2 library your error is:

    BSEC_E_DOSTEPS_TSINTRADIFFOUTOFRANGE = -4, /*!< Past timestamps passed to bsec_do_steps() */

    That looks like it comes from the Bsec::processData() function in the Arduino API which is called by It shouldn't be possible as always updates the timestamps passed to the BSEC 2 library. Maybe there's an issue with calling millis() on your device but doubt it. You could try debugging by invoking millis() every time you call and make sure it's incrementing. Other than that I can't really help much unless you upload your ino file so we can see what your current use of the API is like.

    Thankyou very much for highlight that they've filled the the BSEC2 arduino repo! Shame they didn't test the examples. Also are you using that Arduino library from github? That seems to be different to the version I downloaded from the bosch website. It might also have bugs in it?


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    Re: BME688 Arduino recent example

    Hello hugehead,

    Could you provide your source file you used, then we check it.

    Thank for your kindly sharing in commmunity, iamdjango,