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    BME688 Classification

    BME688 Classification

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    I am using the BME688 devkit with 8 sensors and have collected data for coffee and air and have trained using Bosch AI Studio 2.0. Wanted to know how to see the results of the exported config files. I have copied the .aiconfig and the .config files to the SD Card.


    1. How do we view the results in mobile app? is it possible with Devkit app version 1.1.3(which is the only one available)
    2. How to use the BSEC2 Library Example (Hand Sanitizer) to classify? To be exact where do you see the output (classification) of this example? I tried viewing in serial monitor but was not getting any results. I just want to see output of the example code as it is, the integration I will take up after this.
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    Hi Rohan,

    I faced the same issue a couple of weeks ago and the answer i got was that the application able to do the visualization during the sensing phase is not out yet. My solution was to use the basic_config_state.ino and instead of using the #include "config/FieldAir_HandSanitizer/FieldAir_HandSanitizer.h" i included my own configuration (by the way, same experiment as yours with coffee and clean air). Through the arduino IDE you can download the libraries needed to make the code run and flash it on the devkit. Opening the serial monitor will let you see the outputs for the different sensor requested.

    When you need to go back to the sampling process you can reflash your devboard with the flash.bat file that is included with the development kit software downloadable from the bosch bme688 page. 

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    Community Moderator

    Hi RohanGZ,

    After you generated config file with BME AI-Studio, you could copy the config to SD card and connect BME688 dev kit app v1.1.3 to dev kit, see the results.

    If you want to see the results on your platform, you can refer basic_config_state example and replace config file FieldAir_HandSanitizer.h with yours, and run the example.