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    BMI270 I2C Wiring with ESP32

    BMI270 I2C Wiring with ESP32


    Hello, I'm desiging a small PCB to place the BMI270 on. I'll have it connected to my ESP32 (a Sparkfun 'Thing') via I2C. I've drawn up a schematic which I based off of an existing Sparkfun breakout board. The schematic for the product can be found here.

    I've removed the unnecessary headers so as to save space and only kept the SCX, SDX, GND, and VDD to hookup to my ESP32. I've included a screenshot of my design's schematic and am hoping someone can verify if it'll work, and if not, what corrections need to be made. This is my first ever attempt at designing my own PCB, so I figured I'd try with this small step first. Thanks!

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    Community Moderator
    Community Moderator

    Hi JayCon99,

    You could refer  diagram in BMI270 data sheet.

    BMI270 I2C diagram.png

    After review your schematic, you need to modify the following parts:

    Pin 8(VDD) should be directly connected to 3.3V, and 100nF capacitor should be connected to the ground.

    Pin 12(CSB) should be connected to 3.3V as you used I2C communication.

    BMI270 PIN OUT.png

    Hi @BSTRobin ,

    Thanks for your inputs! I've made the changes you mentioned. I connected pin 8 (VDD) and pin 12 (CSB) directly to the 3.3V, and grounded the 100nF capacitor (C2) and have attached a screenshot of the new design. Just to be safe, could you take one last look please?  I could probably also tidy the design up by combining the separate 3.3V into one.

    Thanks again for your help thus far!

    Community Moderator
    Community Moderator

    Hi JayCon99,

    If you do not use hardware interrupts in your application, attached schematic will work with I2C communication.

    Hello again,

    Yes excellent, thanks for your help!