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    BMX160 driver

    BMX160 driver

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    Hi all

    I'm starting a new design and want to use the BMX160, but can't find the driver.
    I've looked on the Bosch Sensortec GitHub page, but there is no driver there.

    The BMI160 driver is available on GitHub, but doesn't seem to be compatible with the BMX160.

    Does anyone know where to download/clone the BMX160 driver?


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    I started working for a company who does have BMX160 driver that was written by Bosch, with this file info:

    Copyright (C) 2018 - 2019 Bosch Sensortec GmbH
    * bmx160.c
    * Date: 2018/11/08
    * Revision: 1.0.3 $
    * Usage: Sensor Driver for BMX160 sensor

    Why is this not available anymore? Are there issues with it and should I not be using it? Is there any plan to re-release it?


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    Same issue here. The first request for a driver has been almost 2 years ago. Is there any update? Would appreciate an iio solution for BMX160. Thanks

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    Why release a driver and then remove?
    Was it buggy; did it try and use features of BMX160 that don't work?

    I too am just trying to integrate BMX160; but from bosch support we  load master BMI160 and BMM150 drivers; and these compile up but don't seem to be the versions used for the example quoted here

    If Bosch are pointing to sources for drivers; why do they not point to sources that integrate those drivers in an example for BMX160.
    Am sure we will get working; just a little irritating that Bosch do not appear to be able to supply a homogeous set of of sources for BMX160; just a set of fragments which are not immediately compatible.

    Bosch please don't just point at BMI160 driver and BMM150 driver; point also at a compatible integration for BMX160 directly from the product support page. You took the trouble to design this chip; please take the trouble to provide the SW driver for integrators as well.

    Maybe I'm just a little annoyed that we are having to switch from a working design with BHI160, BMM150  to BMX160 due to parts procurement issues.

    Thanks, your reply help me a lot. My problem is twi read and write with improper return error code.

    1.I should return error code directly without if conditional statement

    2.modify while(rslt != 0) to while(rslt == 0)

    I can get magnet data through nrf52832 accessing bmx160 with twi interface.