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    BMX160 driver

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    Re: BMX160 driver

    I started working for a company who does have BMX160 driver that was written by Bosch, with this file info:

    Copyright (C) 2018 - 2019 Bosch Sensortec GmbH
    * bmx160.c
    * Date: 2018/11/08
    * Revision: 1.0.3 $
    * Usage: Sensor Driver for BMX160 sensor

    Why is this not available anymore? Are there issues with it and should I not be using it? Is there any plan to re-release it?


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    Re: BMX160 driver

    Same issue here. The first request for a driver has been almost 2 years ago. Is there any update? Would appreciate an iio solution for BMX160. Thanks

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    Re: BMX160 driver

    Why release a driver and then remove?
    Was it buggy; did it try and use features of BMX160 that don't work?

    I too am just trying to integrate BMX160; but from bosch support we  load master BMI160 and BMM150 drivers; and these compile up but don't seem to be the versions used for the example quoted here

    If Bosch are pointing to sources for drivers; why do they not point to sources that integrate those drivers in an example for BMX160.
    Am sure we will get working; just a little irritating that Bosch do not appear to be able to supply a homogeous set of of sources for BMX160; just a set of fragments which are not immediately compatible.

    Bosch please don't just point at BMI160 driver and BMM150 driver; point also at a compatible integration for BMX160 directly from the product support page. You took the trouble to design this chip; please take the trouble to provide the SW driver for integrators as well.

    Maybe I'm just a little annoyed that we are having to switch from a working design with BHI160, BMM150  to BMX160 due to parts procurement issues.