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    BNO055 Calibration Reset

    BNO055 Calibration Reset

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    I have a question regarding the BNO055 and its calibration status. Im writinig data to its calibration offset registers on power-on from my MCUs EEPROM but would like to be able to do the calibration routine again after that during that run. That means that i need to find a way to reset the calibration data programmaticaly so that the calibration status (for the accelerometer sensor at least) falls at 00.  A limiting factor is that i have no physical connection to the nRESET pin of the Sensor and no external oscillator, so even if i tried soft-reset with register SYS_TRIGGER it blocks the device and it no longer responds to communication. This is a known issue with i2c but it happens also with UART in my case.

    Is there a possibility to trick the BNO055 into reseting its calibration routine using register control (but without soft reset) or something similar?


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    Community Moderator

    Hi AxisShadow,

    You can soft reset BNO055, change BNO055 to suspend mode, reconfigure the calibration profile in config mode.



    BNO055 is not recommended for use in new designs. You can use BHI360 + BMM350 combination for new design.

    Hello BSTRobin,

    I cannot perform a soft reset successfully because the device stops responding afterward. I suspect it's the same problem as with the i2c protocol, where after a soft reset the BNO055 falls back to the external oscillator, which I don't have.

    Issue with i2c and soft reset:

    The Suspend mode would also only pause everything and the calibration status would remain?

    We are aware that the BNO055 is no longer recomended for new designs, but this is about our old design that should be updated.