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    BNO055 Production Status

    BNO055 Production Status

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    I currently use the BNO055 fairly extensively, and noticed it was briefly listed as "Obsolete" on Digikey a few weeks ago. This was updated and now it is still listed as "Active". I have been in contact with my supplier in China who indicated their Bosch sales rep said the part is NOT obsolete. At the same time, I found this forum post ( where BSTRobin says that the BNO055 has been discontinued and lists the BHI160B, BHI260AB, BHI260AP with BMM150 as replacements, but of these suggestions the BHI260AB is either listed as obsolete or "lifecycle information unclear" on Digikey/Mouser. I have also tried the contact form but have yet to receive any responses from the Bosch team. The whole status of the BNO055 is unclear and it would be great if I can get a definitive answer about it.



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    Hi TTKDT,

    BNO055 hasn't recommended for use in new designs, you could use BHI260AP.


    According to an email I received from BST Sales EU (BST/MKC) the chip is not obsolete. Below is the reply I received on 2022-05-27:

    thank you very much for your inquiry and your interest in our products.

    1. The BNO055 is not obsolete.
    2. You can buy the BNO055 from our official distribution partners. Due to increasing demand, there might be some shortages.
      You can find them on the Bosch Sensortec Website: Distributors and Sales Representatives
    3. If you want to look for alternatives either ask our distributors or post your query in the Bosch Sensortec Community, where our technical representatives will answer your question.

    Digikey and Arrow show this chip as Active. If this product is indeed discontinued it would be greatly appreciated if Bosch Sensortec would send a formal EOL announcement. Currently, there is no information regarding the obsolescence of this product other than in this forum.


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    Hi dfjonsson,

    Latest BNO055 status is that BNO055 is not discontinued, but not recommended for use in new designs.
    You could use BHI260AP.

    Hi BSTRobin,

    Can you please post a link to this information? I am not able to find any documentation regarding this.

    Best regards,

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    I am also on the same boat, and some months after this post the confusion continues - Mouser shows the BNO055 as NRND, and nowhere else (other than this forum post) can I find information about it. Would it be possible to have some confirmation on the status of the BNO055? Could Bosch release a document stating this? I believe what BSTRobin is saying, but when asked why we should change our design it is hard to point  to a forum post that only mentions it is NRND and nothing else to take a big decision. For example, is there an EOL ship date? I searched the website but cannot find any concrete information.

    Also, is Bosch thinking on any  one IC replacements for the BN0O55 in the future? Or is the two IC solution proposed here the only alternative currently? Thank you.