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    BNO055 System Calibration

    BNO055 System Calibration

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    I am using the BNO055 IMU in an application with high amounts of electrical and magnetic interferance, so I intend to use the IMU fusion mode with the device. While I have not had any trouble reading data, I am having trouble achieving a calibration of 0xFC, currently stuck at 0x60 which indicates that accelerometer and gryoscope are calibrated. If I am not in a mode where I am using all of the sensors, can I ignore the system calibration stat? More importantly, I am curious what this statistic means for each mode, as I was having trouble achieving 0xFF while testing out of application in NDOF, and have yet to see 0xFC in IMU mode.

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    Community Moderator
    Community Moderator

    The calibration of the sensor needs some defined action or movement:

    1) for gyro, the device should be put in still for few seconds to achieve level 3.  0x60 in your senario is only level 2 which is not fully calibrated

    2) for mag, the calibration will only achieve to 3 when the device moved over certain degrees over air. 

    3) system calibration will goes to 3 when both gyro and mag calibration level goes to 3

    4) for accel, the sensor will be calibrated when all axis go through positive and negative position.  this takes a bit longer time so system calibration is not rely on it.

    Thanks for the prompt reply! So, in IMU mode where the magnetometer is not active, I realize I shouldn't expect the the magnetometer to calibrate at all, but will I still see the system calibration bits go to 3 at all?

    You should take a look at this thread, there is a link to really helpful YouTube video: