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    BSEC_2.0 + BME688_API Custom board Configuration

    BSEC_2.0 + BME688_API Custom board Configuration

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    I want to use the BSEC library to get the CO2 values, However i,m getting "mismatch" error when the example configuration file (FieldAir_HandSanitizer_config) is loaded: "BSEC_E_CONFIG_VERSIONMISMATCH". (line 125

    I guess,this file is mean for the X8 board (2277 values???)--> Therefore, my question is, How to get/find/compile a configuration file for a custom board  with just a single sensor ? I mean (1 x BME688 on: ESP32S3, STMG4,STMH7),

    FYI . the BME68x API si working fine. Unfortunatelly, I dont know how to calculate CO2  and IAQ values from  the  the 3 data fields.....

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    Community Moderator
    Community Moderator

    Hi giomate,

    Can your software environment work normally with running example which downloaed from "BSEC 2.x Software"
    First make sure your software environment is normal, then run the example of hand sanitizer and see the result again.

    The example program is applicable to BME688 + host.

    Hi Robin,


    this link ""BSEC 2.x Software"" just point me to the Home page of the BME688. There, one find 3 repos and other appications... Could you be please be more precise..

    i implemeted the BME68x-Library.. this is one of these repos ( This API is working on the tree microcontrollers. 

    I tried to replicate the example ( on a custom ESP32S3 (NOT arduino)....but i got stocked at the moment to load the configuration...  the size of the file bmeConfig and the size of the FieldAir_HandSanitizer_config are not compatible..that says this function ( bsec_set_configuration(config, BSEC_MAX_PROPERTY_BLOB_SIZE, workBuffer, BSEC_MAX_WORKBUFFER_SIZE);), which is not accesible  😞

    Community Moderator
    Community Moderator

    Hi giomate,

    I high light "BSEC 2.x Software" here:

    BSEC 2.x software.png

    BME68x-Library integraed BSEC1 is used for BME680. As you used BME688, you need to use BSEC2.

    it turn out, that default configurations such as "FieldAir_HandSanitazer" does not work.

    i got working the BSEC output without Configuration step "envSensor.setConfig(FieldAir_HandSanitizer_config);"... maybe you had a better ideas.

    Anyways, i write to you because  , i have two doubts:

    1. ON my custom board there is only one BME688, However if define this variable "#define BSEC_MAX_PHYSICAL_SENSOR  " to 1, i get only temperatures.. it work with 8 (fake) physical sensor...

    2. IAQ values differs strongly, with other IAQ values.. the iaq-bme is alway for a while 50 an then  oscillates on values of 90~130 on a ventilated room(should be 50~90)..Question:IAQ-BME, can be calibrated  or readjusted...