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    BSEC Lib and .net

    BSEC Lib and .net


    We are integrating BME680 sensor in one of our smart city applications.

    Our software is running in docker on linux and is a .net based.

    How can we use a version of BSEC library suitable for our application?

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    Community Moderator
    Community Moderator

    Hi intellics,

    We need to know the target platform architecture information and compiler information that BSEC will be running on in order to evaluate whether it is possible to support it.


    we have .Net Core 6.0 application (c#), running on x64 hardware in docker on linux. 


    I think we are facing a similar issue. Have you solved your problem, and if yes, how?

    Here is more information about what we are doing and what we have already tried:
    We are developing a web service application that is responsible for collecting data from thousands of different remote sensors. To achieve this, we are using custom i2c to Ethernet adapter boards, which allows us to add various extension boards like bme680 and/or bme688. These boards are pretty "dumb" and are just handling low-level protocol translation; thus, BSEC cannot run directly on them. All the logic we have is currently running on our server devices.

    For prototype purposes, we developed a solution under Windows 10, where we managed to run and integrate BSEC library using calls with [DllImport] for BSEC2.4.0.0_Generic_Release_23012023\algo\normal_version\bin\dll\x64\BSECLibrary64.dll.

    Our target devices are running ASP.Net Core 6.0 under Ubuntu 22.04 on an Intel Xeon E-2314 (though the CPU might be changed in the final product). When we attempted to integrate the same logic for Linux, we found out that there is only a static library (.a) for Linux x64. Whatever we tried, we were not able to get a dynamic library (.so).

    Best regards,
    John Olsen

    Hello @BSTRobin ,

    Could you please help use on how to get shared library of bsec 2.4 for linux x64?
    Our inability to produce is effectively blocking us and is preventing us from using bme680 for our devices. 
    Anyhelp or guidance would be gretly apreciated.

    Best regards,
    John Olsen