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    BSEC default heat duration time for the BME688

    BSEC default heat duration time for the BME688


    After calling the following command from BSEC:


    bsec_sensor_control(sensorTS, &sensor_settings); // Retrieve sensor settings to be used in this time instant by calling bsec_sensor_control


    I get the following configuration values:


    sensor_settings.heater_temperature = 320
    sensor_settings.heating_duration = 197
    sensor_settings.humidity_oversampling = 1
    sensor_settings.pressure_oversampling = 5
    sensor_settings.run_gas = 1
    sensor_settings.temperature_oversampling = 2
    sensor_settings.trigger_measurement = 1


    My only concern with these values is the heating_duration which is set at 197 and should be in ms according to the code documentation:


    typedef struct
        int64_t next_call;                  /*!< @brief Time stamp of the next call of the sensor_control*/
        uint32_t process_data;              /*!< @brief Bit field describing which data is to be passed to bsec_do_steps() @sa BSEC_PROCESS_GAS, BSEC_PROCESS_TEMPERATURE, BSEC_PROCESS_HUMIDITY, BSEC_PROCESS_PRESSURE */
        uint16_t heater_temperature;        /*!< @brief Heating temperature [degrees Celsius] */
        uint16_t heating_duration;          /*!< @brief Heating duration [ms] */
        uint8_t run_gas;                    /*!< @brief Enable gas measurements [0/1] */
        uint8_t pressure_oversampling;      /*!< @brief Pressure oversampling settings [0-5] */
        uint8_t temperature_oversampling;   /*!< @brief Temperature oversampling settings [0-5] */
        uint8_t humidity_oversampling;      /*!< @brief Humidity oversampling settings [0-5] */
        uint8_t trigger_measurement;        /*!< @brief Trigger a forced measurement with these settings now [0/1] */
    } bsec_bme_settings_t;


    This does not make sense to me because it should be impossible to set the heat duration to a value of 197, according to the BME688 documentation:

    BME688 -section .png

    According to the above image, the only possible options are the following


    1 to 63 ms @ multiplication of x1 with steps of 1
    4 to 252 ms @ multiplication of x4 with steps of 4
    16 to 1008 ms @ multiplication of x16 with steps of 16
    64 to 4032 ms @ multiplication of x64 with steps of 64


    Because of the above information and the fact that 197 is a prime number, it should be impossible to configure the device at 197ms. My hypothesis is the desired configuration is 197 in gas_wait_x register which would equal to a configuration of 320 ms:


    197 ==> 0xC5 ==> 1100 0101 ==> Multiplication = 64 and value = 5 ==> 64 * 5 = 320 ms


    Is this an error or am I missing something?

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    Community Moderator
    Community Moderator

    Hi MrRoboto,

    Let us check and give you feedback later.

    Community Moderator
    Community Moderator

    Hi MrRoboto,

    In function 'set_conf()', which has function 'cal_gas_wait()':

    So we took 197ms as an example and calculated this, more details you can refer to this picture.


    In short, 197 is composed of factor4 * timer49 (196).