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    High current consumption of BNO055

    High current consumption of BNO055



    We are developing a wearable device which contains the BNO055 part.

    I am presently experimenting with it and noticed that the suspend mode current consumption of the device doesn't match with the datasheet. The device datasheet mentions 40uA as the maximum current consumption whereas practically measuring it I get it around 80uA. I don't suspect the driver as I am using the driver provided by BOSCH on this github page: and I follow all the steps demonstrated in the bno055_support.c file.

    Please help me out with this.

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    I am also attaching the Xplained pro schematic for your reference.


    I am having exactly same issue as yours. Did you got a solution? The current is exactly 188 uA.



    Rohit Soni


    I am still waiting for a reply from the bosch sensortech team.

    Hi mmurty,

    You can refer to other threads where I performed design review, such as :

    I had a look at your schematic and indeed I see that BL_IND is tied to GND. This is a digital output that indicates when the bootloader is running, the I/O pin may have been damaged by the 0 ohm to GND. Can you rework your board to remove R18 ?

    The recommendation to increase the capacitance to 1uF on Pin 9 is also valid for you.


    I exactly did the same thing. Please find the attached schematics. Even the current consumption is 180 uA. Also is performance affected if I supply 2.5volt instead of 3.3v rail? Circuit.JPG