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    How to convert gas res to AIQ in thingy53

    How to convert gas res to AIQ in thingy53

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    I am working on Thingy53 of Nordic which is having  bme688 sensor, 

    I need to add the bme688 2.0.0 library in the code so that I can get the AIQ.

    I don't find any forum which explains the steps of doing instead all they have written that download it from the website and add it to the library. But I need the steps/Procedure to do so.

    P.S. I have gone through many devzone tickets and found one ticket but was not able to understand how to implement these steps:-


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    Community Moderator

    Hi keyss-sachin,

    Did you use C language on your Thingy53 platform?

    Yes, c language on zephyr OS

    Hi keyss-sachin,

    The current BSEC2 package does not support the C language example. However, we will provide C language example support in the near future.

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    I have faced the same issue and created a project where I integrated the BME68x-Sensor-API and the Bosch-BSEC2-Library into Zephyr-RTOS and have it working for the Thingy53 Hardware.

    Here the proejct github repo :

     Zephyr actually can be configured to compile c++ with the flag `CONFIG_CPLUSPLUS` and the integration of .a c++ library although tricky is totally possible with the west CMake environment. I also updated the referenced forum thread from Nordic.

    The integration goes in two steps, first you need the driver and then the library on top, here some details

    To make it easy to test, you can try samples with incremental complexity 05_bme688, 06_bme688_parallel, 07_bme688_parallel_cpp, 08_bme688_bsec2 and 20_sensors_server.
    Here an overview about the integration


    I hope this helps, if you're still interested in the steps how this was made, I can explain, feel free to ask.