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    Integrate BME680 with DA14531mod (Cortex-M0+)

    Integrate BME680 with DA14531mod (Cortex-M0+)

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    I am currently working on a personal project where I want to use the BME680 for environmental sensing. I have a main program running on a Renesas DA14531mod and developing in the ARM Keil environment. As I'm a student and not that familiar with how to use precompiled libraries, I would like some help.

    I have the BSEC library and BME680 driver but don't know which files to include. I would like to measure temp, pressure, humidity, and air quality. I've been looking at the bsec_iot_example. When I include all the files for this example into my project, it won't compile as there is no bsec_interface.c file. I guess this is where the precompiled files come into play, but I don't understand how they should be used.

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    Community Moderator
    Community Moderator

    Hi MarkusAnd,

    I uploaed a example code on STM32 for your reference, hope it is helpful for you.

    Thank you for the example. I can now compile the code. 

    In my application, I want to wake up the MCU from sleep, make one measurement, and then go back to sleep. Therefore I'm not in need of the infinite loop in the example. Can I just remove the while-statement from bsec_iot_loop, or is there something else I need to think about?

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    This is exactly the same beahvior that i want in my app.


    I hope that we can have an anser in how we can acheive this result


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    Community Moderator

    Hi MarkusAnd,hamady,

    The previous example code demonstrated how to use BSEC, and you can make modifications based on this.