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    Nicla Sense ME temperature and humidity inaccurate

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    Re: Nicla Sense ME temperature and humidity inaccurate

    i have the same problem with the Nicla Sense ME.
    Temperature, Pressure and Humidity seem to be wrong.
    I also have some other sensors here to compare the results.

    T: 20.5 °C
    p: 1043 hPa

    T: 19.1 °C
    p: 1042 hPa
    h: 43 %

    Nicla Sense
    T: 25.4 °C
    p: 1038 hPa
    h: 29 %

    Nicla Sense (with corrections)
    T: 20.8 °C
    p: 1045 hPa
    h: 39 %

    The correction formulas seem to work for my board too.
    I hope there will be a solution in the near future.

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    Re: Nicla Sense ME temperature and humidity inaccurate

    Yes Olboss, for the IAQ you'd have to go into the library and change the sensor scaling, however it won't be as accurate as you cannot have a linear scaling function like with the formulas that I presented, only a number like 0.8 or 0.1 etc.

    Here are my 8 readings against other sensors, please keep in mind that the Smart Air Monitor is a $120 device with reviews claiming within 99% accuracy. 

    Also mind the fact that the IAQ is calculated differently on the Air Monitor by using the Particulate Matter and Carbon Monoxide, with different weights. The Nicla calculates it with temp, hum, voc, estimated co2(not actual).

    Furthermore, the Air Montior rounds up temperature within the next .5, and the both the humidity and VOC are rounded to the next integer.

    Every single row in the table below has had its data measured after 3 minutes of letting the sensor calibrate to the environment + averaging the last 4 outputs. The Air Monitor was left for 20 minutes to calibrate. 

    Screenshot (1060).png


    Re: Nicla Sense ME temperature and humidity inaccurate

    Just over two weeks ago I contacted Arduino regarding a refund under warranty. They said they will discuss the issue with Bosch. 

    It seems there is some issue as to who 'owns' the problem.

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    Re: Nicla Sense ME temperature and humidity inaccurate

    Very interesting statement.

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    Re: Nicla Sense ME temperature and humidity inaccurate

    We are preparing software to compensate temperaure and humidity value. It will be officially released, it is in the process.