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    Programming microcontroller on Application Board 2.0 for BMI085

    Programming microcontroller on Application Board 2.0 for BMI085


    Dear Community,

    I am working with the BMI085 Shuttle Board and the Application Board 2.0. I wanted to connect an SD Card to the Application to be able to save the data from the BMI085 without having to have it connected to a computer per USB. Therefore I need to programm the MCU so that it knows to save the data onto the SD Card. To write the programm, I am using Atmel Studio 7.0. However, Atmel Studio does not recognize the Application Board when it is connected via USB.

    I was therefore wondering wether I need a different connection / board to Programm the MCU?

    Thank you in advance 🙂


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    Community Moderator


    Thank you for your inquiry. Currently APP2.0 base board doesn't support SD card. And the Atmel MCU FW on the APP2.0 base board is not open to public. However, our upcoming APP3.0 base board includes SD card reader. Please let us know which country you in so that our local FAE can support you for the SD card data logging feature for BMI085.



    Thank you for your reply!

    So I cannot connect an SD Card to the APP2.0, even through the pins on J601?

    I am based in Germany.

    Regards, Sam

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    APP2.0 + DD2.0 is evaluation tool, cannot change the FW inside.You can use COINES , running  required  code or feature.



    Just to clarify, if I would want the data from the BMI085 to be saved on an SD card, I would need to use another Board, such as the Arduino Uno? And then save the code on the microprocessor of the Arduino to tell it to save the data onto the SD card?

    I am relatively new to this and would like to make sure I get everything right before I start buying new pieces.

    Thanks 🙂