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    The z-axis data from the BMM150 sensor exhibits higher levels of noise

    The z-axis data from the BMM150 sensor exhibits higher levels of noise

    I utilized the BMM150 driver from GitHub using below link to acquire data from the sensor.

    I have successfully retrieved data for the x, y, and z axes from the BMM150 sensor. The data for the x and y axes seems to be accurate, but there is noticeable noise in the z-axis data.

    I have included a screenshot displaying the plotted data for the x, y, and z axes from the sensor.

    Please assist me in identifying and resolving the noise present in the z-axis data.





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    Community Moderator
    Community Moderator

    Hi rajasekarselva,

    If you design a product with the BMM150, you need to check the hardware for interference (for example, during hardware operation, the changing current can cause interference from the magnetic field, etc.). Refer document to check it.
    Alternatively, you can keep the sensor stationary and record the x,y,z axis data. Calculate the standard deviation, and see if the noise is within the range specified in the data sheet.


    I kept the sensor stationary, recorded the data for the x, y, and z axes.

    I performed tests on a magnetometer under various modes and calculated the standard deviation.
    I have attached a screenshot showing the calculated standard deviation values for various modes.

    kindly let me know my sensor z axis noise is within an acceptable range? based on the values i have provided in the attachment.


    Hi rajasekarselva,

    See it from your attachment, the noise of z axis was under the specification in BMM150 data sheet.