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    Warm start procedure for BHI160 / BMM150

    Warm start procedure for BHI160 / BMM150

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    currently we are working with BHI160 / BMM150 and the requirement is the implementation of warm start procedure to save parameters to a flash memory  whenever we reached status (3) high accuracy then when turning on the device, it will load previously saved configuration on flash to avoid delays to the customer and further calibration procedure.
    Your help will be very appreciated with full information about the procedure to save and load parameters from BHI160 / BMM150 and register address mapping related to warm start data into BHI160.

    Looking forward to hear from you soonest as possible as this is taking urgent.

    Thanks and Regards.

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    Occasional Contributor

    If you want to reload the config file from Host to save time when you turn on the device.
    It depends on the device you mentioned (i.e. robot arm, wearable device).
    You can do so by saving calibration time, but it is not recommended because there is a potential issue, for example:
    • get status(3)
    • store calibration file on host side
    • turn off the device
    • rotate the device 180 degree
    • turn on the device
    • reload the previous calibration file. But the direction is opposite now.

    Dear Shellywang,

    Thanks for your reply.

    We will consider your recommendation but in the other hand we would like to know / receive full information on how to setup procedures to read and write configuration registers (Algorithm page) to save and reload data to/from a flash memory. With this information, we will be able to realize best approach to and take a decision and support our client in this requirement.

    Can you please help us in our request ?

    Best regards.


    I am Anderson from MocapBrasil, @carlosande partner. We are still working on it.

    We need more information about calibration proccedure on BHI160, in order to get better results using GRV and LACC. 

    The calibration status (0,1,2 or 3) influences on both data, GRV and LACC?

    Are there an official documentation for calibration proccedure?

    Are there any results about LACC accuracy tests?

    We would appreciate more information about Bosch SensorTech products. We are getting hard issues due to lack of information.

    We are using BHI160. If we change to BHI160B, will we get better results in our goal? Our goal, is get accuracy data in LACC and GRV for use it on motion capture system.

    Thank you.

    Anderson Oliveira