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    bmi08a_write_feature_config question

    bmi08a_write_feature_config question



    i load config file success(the BMI08_REG_ACCEL_INTERNAL_STAT is 0x01)

    then i read the FEATURE_CFG REG in bmi08a_write_feature_config()

    i use sync function reg_addr is 0x02 reg_len is 1,so i need read 6byte data in FEATURE_CFG 

    data is: 0x80 0x2e 0x18 0x00 0x80 0x2e ,then i fix last two data => 0x02 0x00 and write in the FEATURE_CFG 

    but i can't read right data in GP0 GP4,and i find ACC_INT_STAT_0 is always 0 that means no sync data ready.

    is it FEATURE_CFG read data wrong?


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    Community Moderator
    Community Moderator

    Hi Guest,

    Could we know why do you need to read the configuration file and modify it?

    hi BSTRobin !

    because bmio8x api do that

    now i can successful use sync data function, i suggest you add a NOTE in sync data example,that is :

    except for config acc int input in int1/int2 and config gyro drdy int output in int3/int4,user MUST config sync data rdy int in int1/int2

    without this config,GP0 GP4 never return value.


    and i still have a question: in the mm feature manual(an000.pdf),i see a part named AUX,and i find that is a MAG,also i can read the aux_dev_id=0x20,which is match in the pdf,so i try to set aux to data mode and read R X Y Z(HA HA,R is obviously the MAG axis strength) but the readout data seems invalid,the <BMI088 - MM Feature Set Application Note>say that also have register to config AUX output data rate,i want to know how to use aux part,or this part isn't open to outside?

    thank you for your reply~