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    Alternate needed for BMI160

    Alternate needed for BMI160

    New Poster

    Mine is a handheld 3D scanning Device. Which can use for making a 3D map of indoor of buildings. For that i need a IMU with requrements of Good sensityvity, Less noise. User will take the device on his hands and will walk for capturing the inside of any buidings. So we need to do motion tracking and image stabilisation.

    BMI160 was good for us but since it going EOL can anyone recommend a alternate.

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    Community Moderator
    Community Moderator

    Hello Deljo, 


    Thanks for your question. 

    We recommend to use BMI270 instead of BMI160.

    Please check it more information as below url.

    Thank you. 

    Hi Minhwan,

    Thanks for your answer. Can you recommend a alternate for BMX160 (This have availablity issue). Application is the same one explained in my previous query.

    Community Moderator
    Community Moderator

    Hi Deljo, 


    If you are using mag sensor, BMI270 + BMM150 are recommended. 

    However, if you don't use it, please use BMI270. 


    Hi minhwan,

    Happy to meet you again.

    Regarding the BMI270+BMM150 solution we will connect the BMM150 on the auxilarry interface of BMI270. In this case host processor can read the BMM150 data also from BMI270 auxillary data registers. But we have some concerns on the delay going to come on the magnetometer data.

    After reading the BMI270 gyro/Accelero data will there be any delay in getting the magneto meter data? Also in this case is there will be any limit on the output data rate of the magneto meter.