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    Arduino library for BHI160b for remapping the sensor orientation

    Arduino library for BHI160b for remapping the sensor orientation


    Hi team,

    1) - I am using a custom-made board with bhi160b+bmm150 and ESP32, Which used to work great with available orientation.ino code.
    After some 2weeks of usage, the IC stopped giving the data out. 
     - So I logged the data and found : after flashing the bhy.h data into the IC the BHI160B giving only once the interrupt and stops triggering again for fifo full.
     - So What I have done is read the fifo with timer for every 10ms as I kept the ODR = 100Hz but found same data always.
    -- I doubt can the bootloader code which is in the ROM could be damaged.? Or is there any thing I can test to confirm the IC is working?
    -- I am using same orientation.ino code , which i tested on another board and found working as before.

    2) In the orientation.ino code the end "Status" data represent the accuracy of the data? it always go to 3 and again falls to 0 within seconds, Why like that? Do i need to setup the orientation of the both the IMUs to get correct accuracy? 

    3) I tried to port the bhi_uc_drivers file to the arduino with no luck, this I am doing for remapping of the IMUs on the board orientation. Is there any arduino ported code/drivers for the bhi160b axis remapping drivers?

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    3. You say to do the remapping, but don't explain how.

    Community Moderator
    Community Moderator

    Hi all,

    BoschSensorHub code didn't support axis remapping.
    If you are using BHI160, it is recommended to use this code: