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    BHI260AP Firmware upgrade issue

    BHI260AP Firmware upgrade issue

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    When using BHI260AP, firmware can be downloaded through Jtag Port, but can I download it through I2C interface?

    Is there a way to download an APP using BHI260AP when you want to upgrade the firmware of the core if it is being used in the field?

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    Community Moderator
    Community Moderator

    Hi mgchoi,

    What is the boot mode on your hardware board?

    Thanks, BSTRobin

    It uses a separate MCU and does not use boot mode because BHI260AP is Sub.

    The BHI260AP will be used as a client dependent on a separate MCU.

    We will use JTAG to download Firmware when we mass-produce products in the beginning.

    What I'm curious about is that users who use the product cannot upgrade firmware using JTAG.

    Is it possible to download Firmware data by using MCU's I2C communication channel?

    MCU and BHI260AP are connected to each other by I2C.


    Community Moderator
    Community Moderator

    Hi mgchoi,

    I'm confused by your description.

    Please refer the following description from BHI260AP data sheet.
    There are two boot mode for BHI260AP: host boot mode and standalone boot mode.
    In host boot mode, an external host processor will trigger and control the initialization precedure, including loading the appopriate FW image to BHI260AP.
    As an alternative to the host boot mode, BHI260AP can be configured to boot autonomously froom an external flash device attached to the QSPI interface of BHI260AP. In order to indicate to the BHI260AP to boot from external flash memory, the HOSTBOOT pad has to be pulled low at start-up.

    Thank you BSTRobin