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    BMA253 INT1/INT2 Output Characteristics

    BMA253 INT1/INT2 Output Characteristics

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    Can you please tell me the INT1/INT2 Output Characteristics of BMA253?

    I looked through the datasheet but could not find the information in the datasheet.

    How much does the INT1/INT2 Output pin sink current when the output is set to Low '0'.


    I have the below situation:

    BMA253 is communicating with a master device by I2C.

    I2C bus is connected and pulled-up by 10kohm.

    BMA253 INT1 is connected to the master device GPIO and the Input pin is pulled-up internally with 25kohm resistor. (By mistake I have set the pin to Input pull-up)

    BMA253 INT2 is connected to the master device GPIO and the Input pin is pulled-down internally with 25kohm resistor.

    BMA253 INT1 and INT2 is active '1' 

    So normally when the interrupt doesn't occur the INT1/INT2 output is set to Low '0'.


    Thank you.

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    Community Moderator
    Community Moderator

    Hello Coleman,

    The reference current is not in the manual, you can understand that it is a standard IO port.
    By the way, when you use BMA253 INT1/INT2, do you encounter any problems?

    Thank you for the reply.

    In my software, I have initialized the GPIO ports to Input but have not used to read data from that input pin (the input data of INT1 is not used in my master device).

    So no I don't encounter any problem.

    But the problem I had was that even when I put the master device in sleep mode, and the BMA253 in DEEP SUSPEND Mode, there was some 0.10 mA current consumption on my board. So I was looking over my source code.

    Community Moderator
    Community Moderator

    Hello Coleman,

    Will your actual application use the interrupt function or not?

    Hello BSTRobin,

    My application uses the interrupt but does not read the INT1 pin status.

    It calls bma2x2_get_intr_orient_stat() and bma2x2_get_intr_stat() function in bma2x2.c.

    Version of bma2x2 sensor driver is 2.0.8.