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    BMA400 CC1310 SPI interface

    BMA400 CC1310 SPI interface



    I have a custom board with Texas Instruments' CC1310, I want to send this board's coordinates via RF with bma400's help. RF part is ok, there are files on github as reference but I want to know if there is an example code for TI MCU's. I want to move quickly that's why I need help about that topic. If there is no sample doc as I want, how can I adapt files on github to my project ?

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    I was trying to communicate at 400 kHz, it is very slow, slower than your advice. Nothing changed after reset...


    I am sorry to make you busy and steal your time. It was poor soldering issue. I could have another custom board with mems, I can do whatever I want ! Thank you again.

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    Hello ffaith, 


    No worries. 

    I also do similar issues a lot 🙂 

    We can't avoid that. 


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    I think i had the same issue and I want to post the solution in case someone else is having the same problem.

    On the schematic of the BMA400 shuttle board flyer the pins are displayed like this:


    and it seems like the pins of the BMA400 shuttle board are placed like this, because the pins are positioned the same:


    But they are not. If you have a look on the shuttle board you can see that pin 1 of P1 and P2 are exactly on the opposite side. This means the pins are placed like this:

    It took me some hours to get that because i did not imagine such a simple fault.


    Best regards