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    BME680: Recommendations for gas sensing heating temperature and time?

    BME680: Recommendations for gas sensing heating temperature and time?


    Hi everyone,

    I implemented code to read T/P/H and gas resistance including basic compensation based on the Bosch reference code. To measure gas resistance, we have to set specific temperature and heating time. My question is: what are the recommended values and how do they affect the results?

    • What are the pros and cons of using higher/lower temperature and longer/shorter time?
    • Does the gas sensor react to VOCs faster/slower with different temperature/time settings?
      • Does it recover faster/slower when exposed to clean air?
    • Do certain VOCs absorbed (and hence measured) better/worse with different temperature settings?
    • Do I need to sweep temperature settings, e.g, make several measurements between 200C and 400C to get a more comprehensive result?
    • Do I need to use a certain setting intermittently, e.g., every 100 measurements at 300C do one at 400C?

    To clarify, I know about the BSEC library, and I already tried using it in my project. But I also want to understand how to make basic gas resistance measurements in case I don't need the features provided by the library.


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    Community Moderator
    Community Moderator

    Hello gbeloev,

    At present, we provide BSEC algorithm library and do not disclose how it is implemented.
    You could develop your own products based on BSEC.

    Thanks. I am not asking about IAQ, eCO2, or any other calculated values, the calculation of which is apparently proprietary. All I am asking about is gas resistance measurement. This is documented in the data sheet and exposed in the open-source API, what's missing is just some recommendations on usage. Are these proprietary as well?

    -- Georgi

    Community Moderator
    Community Moderator

    Hello gbeloev,

    Currently, gas registance as raw values are transformed to an index for air quality(IAQ) by smart algorithm inside BSEC. There are no other usage examples.