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    BMI270 Driver Source Code request for Qualcomm's adsp platform.

    BMI270 Driver Source Code request for Qualcomm's adsp platform.

    New Poster

    Hi sir,


    I'm currently working on integrating the BMI270 sensor chip with Qualcomm's adsp platform for the QCS605 chipset. The QCS605 's adsp platform already supports the BMI160 sensor, so my initial plan is to port a BMI160 driver to BMI270 myself. Luckily, Qualcomm's website said that the BMI270 sensor is already supported on the SDM660 adsp platform, which is (hopefully) closely related to the QCS605 platform. It would be incredibly helpful if I could get that driver source code. So my question is


    1. Does  BMI270 chipset support the Qualcomm QCS605 adsp platform? If it is, may we get the driver source code?

    2. Can we get the source code for SDM660?

    3. If luck is not on my side, what is your recommendation on what to proceed with? Do I need to do the heavy-lifting to bringup the sensor on the platform from scratch?


    Thanks so much in advance,


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    Community Moderator
    Community Moderator

    Dear user, thank you for your message. We gladly publish all publicly available information, but unfortunately we are not able to share the requested information within the community as it requires an NDA. If you need any further information on this topic, please get in contact with one of our official distributors or sales representatives to allow us to review each project on a case-by-case basis. If you are unable to share your company or project details with our official partners at this time, please use our contact form to submit your request and also refer to the question posed in the community.