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    BNO055 always reads zero on all sensors and fusions

    BNO055 always reads zero on all sensors and fusions


    Hello, I'm running BNO055 via I2C, basically using examples from the driver, I can talk to the IC, and get those versions:

    chip id A0, softwared rev 311, accel id FB, mag id 32, gyro id F, bootloader rev 15

    I set it into power mode 0 (BNO055_POWER_MODE_NORMAL) and I tried all operation modes, but when I try reading sensor data or fusion data, I get all 0, my quaternion is 0,0,0,0 and each sensor also returns 0,0,0. Calibration status status first reads 0330 (3 for accel and gyro, 0 for sys and mag) in IMU mode, but then reads 0000 for all sensors.

    I tried two different chips, they give the same results. Looks like sensors themselves don't start by some reason, and I can't figure out why.

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    Additional information: I'm getting 1 from SYS_STATUS and 5 from SYS_ERR, but there don't seem to be any reason for it. I checked all read/writes, I always write at proper addresses and always on page 0, the driver itself properly handles it.

    Another piece of information: if I set operation mode to 8 (IMU) right before reading quaternion, I can get data. But I need to do it every time, it quickly resets to 0 (Config) otherwise. This. obviously, shouldn't be like this, because it's slow and readings seem to be not very good in this way.

    I monitor my I2C, nothing resets it to, it does it by itself. Almost like something restarts the sensor, but there is nothing that could do it.

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    Hello Eirenliel,

    Both power mode and operation mode should be configured. You could refer it from "".
    Is there any difference between your code and github code?

    Hello Sir, I face similar issue in the bno55. What do you mean by setting 8 to operation mode? Can you explain about that?